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Mutual Aid Disaster Relief as Antidote to Corporate Colonialism

But there are alternatives, and there are real solutions.  Those solutions come from below.  They come from the power of the people, which is incredibly vast, if only we have the vision and the courage to recognize it.  We need radical responses to natural and unnatural disasters.  We need communities that are eager to build power, eager to adapt, and eager to serve those who are neglected by a system which empowers only those who already have the most power.  I saw, in post-Katrina New Orleans, the power that We The People have when we work together.  I saw the efforts of ordinary people, organized, dedicated, and listening compassionately, able to rescue schools and entire neighborhoods from the gentrifying bulldozers. And I saw groups led by poor people of color rise to challenge the legitimacy of city and state government, FEMA, and the Red Cross. In disasters or other chaotic scenarios we can often make great strides in short time by filling vacancies left by “power vaccuums” (when the government and other established authorities temporarily disappear).  In more stable times, we can still steadily gain power by organizing, struggling, fighting, utilizing our strengths (moral, relational, artistic); by acting strategically, creatively, bravely, diversely; and by never giving up. ...

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Autonomy in Tampa – Solidarity in Immokalee: A Love Letter to the Future

The Mutual Aid Disaster Relief convergence center in Tampa is growing by the hour. The first aid station has grown into a wellness center, including acupuncture, trauma counseling, peer support, herbal medics, and other alternative medicine modalities. Local community members know to drop off hurricane supplies that they didn’t need. Community members also know to come here if supplies are needed. And that these supplies can be received with dignity. Here, there are no powerful givers of aid and powerless receivers of aid. We are undermining that dynamic in a process that contributes to the liberation and consciousness-raising of everybody involved. Mobile distros base out of the space, channel their inner Robin Hood, and reach across Florida with supplies, especially to historically marginalized communities. We have funneled over 10 tons of food, water, diapers, and other supplies to hard-hit Immokalee, FL. a migrant farmworker town...

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Harvey, Irma, and Power from Below

We know starting somewhere with disasters of this magnitude can be overwhelming, so we want to remind you that resilience isn't found in what we can purchase, but in what we can share - in the relationships of support that connect us with each other. Reach out to your neighbors. Invite someone to stay at your home if you live in a safer area. Invite someone without access to transportation to evacuate with you if you choose to evacuate. Give rides to shelters for people who are experiencing homelessness or a physical disability. Prepare to engage in rescue efforts, send in supplies, or volunteer in other ways if it becomes needed. Act without waiting for permission...

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