Navigating forth, there are many communities that are still in utter shambles from the hurricane.

And while FEMA guards structures of wealth, autonomous mobilizations have been getting supplies into the hands of those who truly need them sans the red tape/applications/and bureaucratic procedures that barricade skin to skin cooperation and participatory relief and rebuilding efforts.

With multi-millions pouring into the Red Cross and FEMA “operating” in affected zones, we shouldn’t be hearing from the most impoverished community housing projects that we’ve been the first ones to deliver aid there.

But we are.

There isn’t much middle ground in the Florida Keys. There are mansions of the wealthy and there are impoverished communities who serve them.
FEMA is on the ground in key west defending wealthy structures from “looters.”

key west mansion

Driving through the keys and being subjected to massive signs directing the poor that they’ll be shot on sight if they loot properties is abusive and demonstrative of post-disaster elitism strapping itself to take down those who would dare lay claim to means of survival.

From Oaxaca to Mexico City to Immokalee to Cuba to Puerto Rico to the Keys…