Artwork by Jonah Mociun Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

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Artwork by David Lee Nishizaki Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

In South Carolina, with floodwaters rising after the onslaught of Hurricane Florence, two women being transported to a mental health facility in the care of the Horry County Sheriff’s Office were stolen from us when officers bypassed warning barricades and drove directly into floodwaters. The officers saved themselves, climbing to the van roof to await rescue, leaving Wendy Newton and Nicolette Green to drown beneath their feet inside the van. #climatechange #florence #mentalhealth #wendynewton #nicolettegreen #violenceagainstwomen #acab

Artwork by Ricardo Levins Morales

In this piece, people stand up against a tidal wave of environmental destruction. “Environmental justice is our cry of defiance against the onslaught of oppressive toxins and toxic oppressions that threaten to submerge our homes.” The costs of this tidal wave are borne most heavily by the poor, Indigenous people, and people of color. Air, water, and people all need protection. (Yes, this illustration is a spinoff of the famous “Great Wave” print by Japanese artist Hokusai.) #environmentaljustice #justrecovery

Artwork by Emily Simons

“I took a call from Dey and Jorge shortly after the storm. I had been worrying about them and was relieved to hear their voices, though heartbroken to hear the stress and exhaustion and overwhelm in between their words, which were encouraging me to create a map to show and clarify the political moment of post-Maria reality. From media coverage of the storm and its aftermath, I pieced together several core truths revealed by Hurricane Maria and the supporting realities that uphold them, focusing mostly on disaster capitalism, the context of US imperialism in the Caribbean, and the US-imposed economic austerity that has wreaked havoc in Puerto Rico in recent years. After several rounds of candlelit feedback from folks in Santurce, and many days of conversation with the team that would be taking a much deeper dive by making a decolonial scroll in the months to come, I set down some quick illustrations to those truths. Mapped radially, these truths require the viewer to flip the image (or themselves!) upside down to grasp the full picture.” -Reflection by Emily Simons #disastercapitalism #decolonizepuertorico #seacabaronlaspromesas #papelmachete #agitarteculturalworks

Artwork by Amicah Bazant in Collaboration with Forward Together Agitarte

As National Lawyers Guild said “Following years of colonialism and the intensified assault of austerity in the past several years, Puerto Rico is suffering from the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria and the massive impact of climate change….We demand the immediate cancellation of Puerto Rico’s debt. We also join the many calls from Puerto Rico for the abrogation of the Jones Act, which requires that only U.S.-flagged ships can dock in Puerto Rican ports. We also demand that Congress make an emergency allocation of billions of dollars to support immediate relief and aid for Puerto Rico. The U.S. official response to the destruction in Puerto Rico has been racist, colonialist and shamefully inadequate. The official climate change denial of the Trump administration and the U.S.’ lengthy record of failing to address climate change in any substantive manner, especially when combined with grinding austerity and deep racism, has blood on its hands in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands.” #releasetheaid #stoptheembargo #cancelthedebt #decolonize #noalgobiernomilitar #seacabaronlaspromesas #promesapaquien #whenwefightwewin #papelmachete #agitarteculturalworks

Artwork by Javier Maldonado O’Farrill, Agitarte | Papel Machete

Faced with the collapse of the State and the abuses of FEMA in post-Maria Puerto Rico, we have organized ourselves in self-managed spaces around the Island known as Centros de Apoyo Mutuo (Mutual Support Centers). In addition to providing support to overcome urgent needs in the communities, we promote their empowerment and create discussion spaces to generate critical thinking and the understanding that we are facing a political disaster that is even more dangerous than the natural disaster. In CAM, the following 3 main functions are organized: Social dining rooms where we serve food prepared for free. Collection centers where we collect local and diaspora aid to distribute in the communities according to need. Permanent Solidary Brigades to open roads by force of ax and machete; and support in agriculture and housing reconstruction. Some CAMs also offer the services of popular health clinics, cultural activities, community garden workshops and education for children. We are located in Caguas, Río Piedras, Mayagüez, Humacao, Utuado, Lares, Naranjito and Old San Juan. We are not in a Shock State. We are organizing to combat the onslaught of disaster capitalism and its henchmen. Help us with your donation!

Artwork by Javier Maldonado O’Farrill, Agitarte | Papel Machete

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Artwork by Arte Por José ‘Primo’ Hernández, Agitarte | Papel Machete

Artwork by Javier Maldonado O’Farrill, Agitarte | Papel Machete

Be a neighborhood hero. Look to join mutual aid groups in your area.

Art by Nicole Marie Burton

More at Ad Astra Comix.

Artwork by Roger Peet, Just Seeds

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Artwork by Just Seeds

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Artwork by Seth Tobocman

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Artwork by Sarah Quinter, Just Seeds

In early November 2013, the strongest storm ever recorded to have made landfall hit the Philippines, resulting in thousands of deaths and mass displacement and destruction. #climatejustice #typhoonhaiyan

Artwork by Art Youngs, Good Morning

Artwork by Gulf Revolutionary Artist Formation

Artwork by Gulf Revolutionary Artist Formation

Artwork by N.o. Bonzo

Portrait-story Project

Solidarity for Survival: A Graphic Illustration by Vulpes