Rebuilding and Resilience Program: including the cleaning, repair and rebuilding of individual’s homes, and community buildings such as schools and churches, as well as the pioneering of sustainable design services in relief efforts.

Disaster Relief Distribution Program:  including the distribution of water, food, cleaning and other supplies to survivors of disaster.

Invisible Disasters Program: just because the major disasters stop doesn’t mean we do. There are always ongoing disasters of social and economic inequality. When we are not responding to people’s self-determined needs in the context of hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires, we are applying the same Mutual Aid Disaster Relief principles in our hometowns, creating local survival programs to strengthen our community’s resilience, raise people’s consciousness, and increase people’s empowerment. These survival programs have included a free laundry program, free haircuts, free breakfast program, free groceries, and free field trips for children and their families in low-income apartments, and a lot more.