Amigxs Méxicanxs y todxs que tienen conexiónes en México – ¡necesito ustedes apoyo!

Trabajo con un grupo voluntario que respuesta a desastre en Jojutlan, Morelos, una ciudad devestado por el terremoto. Este grupo quiere a ser no jerárquico, y da a bienvenida a activistas anticapitalistas y anarquistas. Queremos a construir el poder del pueblo mientras reconstruiremos la ciudad. Para ese, necesitamos personas con experiencia en organizar communidades y construir proyectos voluntarios de nada.

De experiencia, yo se que anarquistas son muy bien en zonas de desastre, entonces para ustedes pregunto específicamente. Pero este grupo es diverso, y da a bienvenido a diversas personas – si conoces organizar, te queremos!

Conozco solo unas personas aquí, entonces te pregunto a distribuyes el siguiente mensaje:

¡Ven! ¡Ayudanos a crear un espacio de esperanza y fuerza de la tragedia!

Detalles siguen en ingles, porqué mi idioma es limitado y escribo con celular, lo siento…

First, they need organizers, trainers and volunteer team leaders, a focused and capable coordinator team of about 10. They want to collect info from all residents, consolidate and organize it, and help countless eager but clueless volunteers do the work that residents need most. Much organization is needed to do this efficiently and effectively.

Another immediate need is internet technology and technicians. They plan to set up a computer & call center where volunteers can compile data and residents can get info.

One aspect of this project is to create local, women-led businesses and sustainable natural buildings. This will begin with a community oven and some prototype “super-adobe” homes. They need materials, transportation, labor, and especially knowledge – architects and experienced builders.

Another need here is therapists and empaths, as many are suffering trauma and shock.

A need that can be fulfilled from afar is translation. There are so many d.i.y. guides and info packets on MADR website, but almost all are only in english.

Please join us! Help us to build the power of the people, to create hope and strength, out of this tragedy. If you respond to me by sms, whatsapp, or signal at +52 55 4072 4160, then I will connect you to main organizers. Because my language is limited, I mostly help by cleaning (see photos of info center we assembled out of the rubble just yesterday).

¡Muchas gracias para comparten!