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We and You and So Many Others
A Story of MAD RVA and Mutual Aid in Richmond, VA

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  • What is Mutual Aid?
    In a world ruled by ceaseless capitalist competition, where people are pitted to work against each other, anarchists offer a different vision: Mutual Aid.If you...





  • Occupy Sandy aids storm victims
    For the past few months the Occupy Wall Street movement has been fairly quiet. But due to Superstorm Sandy, OWS has proven to be alive and well. The demonstr...
  • Occupy Sandy
    For information and to volunteer, visit Occupy Sandy is a coordinated relief effort to help distribute resources & volunteers…
  • We Got This (Occupy Sandy)
    Volunteer: Donate: Thousands in New York City remain without clean water, food, heat, or…
  • Occupy Sandy on NBC Nightly News
    The mainstream (corporate) media would love the world to think we've become another charity organization, but if it helps to bring in some needed support to our...


  • Democracy Now!

    We speak with author, historian and activist Rebecca Solnit about her latest book that examines Hurricane Katrina and other disasters. A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities that Arise in Disaster chronicles both the crimes of the vigilantes and the powerful during Katrina, as well as the numerous instances of altruism, generosity and courage displayed by the vast majority of people who lived through this catastrophe.



  • Shake The Devil Off

    It is six months after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans. People have lost their families, homes, and work. And now, at St. Augustine Church, the axe has just fallen: the archdiocese is about to close the parish and send Father LeDoux away. Why is this happening? Haven't the city's inhabitants already lost enough? Do they risk losing their faith as well?



  • NPR

    In a time of crisis, a medical clinic has sprung to life in a storm-damaged New Orleans neighborhood, with an unlikely crew giving aid. Anarchists with medical training, calling themselves the Common Ground Collective, have set up shop in the beleaguered neighborhood of Algiers, providing locals with badly needed medical assistance.