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Safety and DIY Cleanup

Repairing Your Flooded Home
EPA Flood Cleanup Booklet
DIY Field Guide For Clean-up Of Flooded Homes
Safety Notice For Unskilled Or Nontrade Volunteers
House Gutting Manual

Muckout Safety Guidelines
Toxic Chemicals and Staying Safe
Mold Cleaning and Prevention
Mold Cleaning and Prevention (Spanish)
Black Mold Toxicity Symptoms and Solutions


An Activists Guide to Basic First Aid
Peer Counseling and Active Listening
Alternatives to EMS
Home Remedies for Common Maladies
Traveling Companions

Information on Heat and Related Illnesses
Responding to Critical Incident Stress

Trauma and Burnout

Preventing Burnout
Understanding and Coping with Traumatic Stress
Understanding and Addressing Vicarious Trauma
Grounding and Centering for Activists

Rising Up Without Burning Out
Sustainable Activism and Avoiding Burnout
Psychological First Aid
Activist Trauma and Recovery


Security Culture – A Handbook For Activists
Ruckus Security Culture For Activists
Know Your Rights: Immigration and Disaster Relief

Council on American Islamic Relations Know Your Rights Guide
National Lawyers Guild Know Your Rights Guide

Anti Oppression

Accomplices Not Allies
Anti-Oppression Reader

Challenging Capitalism And Patriarchy
Confronting Classism
Contextualizing Katrina and Confronting Racism
Guidelines For Being A Strong White Ally
Overcoming Discrimination
Patterns of Patriarchy Commonly Observed within Social Justice Movements
Readings on Racism and Resistance for Solidarity Activists
Ten Things To Remember – AntiRacist Strategies For White Student Radicals
The Revolution Starts At Home – Confronting Partner Abuse In Radical Communities
Towards A Perspective On Unlearning Racism

Kitchen and Food Handling

Food Safety First Manual

Popular Education and Direct Action

Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns
Handbook For Direct Action
Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups 2
On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict

Participating In Direct Actions -A Guide For Transgender People
Planning An Action
Rising Tide Climate Change Popular Education
Ruckus Action Planning Manual

Ruckus Action Strategy Guide
Ruckus Scouting Manual For Activists
Social Change Vision Questions
Core Curriculum – A Guide To Effective Nonviolent Struggle
What do we mean by mutual aid?

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

No More Deaths – Compost Toilet User Guide

Sanitizing Water (Spanish) – Saneamiento del agua (español)