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The movement for mutual aid during disasters isn’t something we invented. But we are trying to act as a swiss-army knife for this growing movement of movements, as it becomes more and more critical for our collective survival. One way we are supporting and uplifting this tactic, and the larger autonomous disaster relief movement, of which we are only a small part, is curating a database of news articles about autonomous, liberatory, mutual aid efforts in the context of disasters.

Hurricane Hanna (2020)

Coronavirus (2020)

Tennessee Tornadoes (2020)

Hurricane Dorian (2019)

Bomb Cyclone (2019)

Hurricane Michael (2018)

Hurricane Florence (2018)

California Wildfires (2017-2018)

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Hurricane Irma (2017)

Hurricane Harvey (2017)

Mexico Earthquake (2017)

Boulder Flood (2013)

Oklahoma Tornado (2013)

Superstorm Sandy (2012)

Haiti Earthquake (2010)

Hurricane Katrina (2005)