• The Ruckus Society

    Nonviolent direct action is often misunderstood and just as often criticized. You hear it called ineffective, un-American, or illegal. That the effectiveness of direct action can still be debated strains credulity.

  • The Ruckus Society

    Actions can empower a generation, catapult an issue onto the international stage, and force political change. Yet, actions can also be poorly executed or harmful to your group and goals. This handout is here to help you design a strategic action.

  • Seeds for Change

    What is an affinity group? An affinity group is a small group of people who come together to prepare for and take action. The group is organised in a non-hierarchical and autonomous way, uses consensus to make decisions and is focused on direct action.

  • Seeds for Change

    An affinity group is a small group of people who come together to prepare for and take direct action. Affinity groups are organised in a non­hierarchical and autonomous way, there are no leaders and everyone has an equal voice and responsibility.

  • Daniel Hunter & 350

    I organised my first action in my quiet hometown. A group of us marched downtown. We sang songs. We chanted. We arrived at city hall. I hadn’t thought through what it would look like to confront our mayor. So we showed up and gave impromptu messages. We triumphantly returned home, having delivered our message.

  • Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies

    Before you is a wealth of knowledge about the planning, conduct, and evaluation of strategic nonviolent conflict. This curriculum guide will be a valuable companion to new and experienced activists, as well as to others who wish to learn about this subject.

  • Rising Tide

    Climate change is happening already and affecting life all over the planet. We need to do as much as we can to stop it getting any worse, but we also need to be prepared as communities to deal with the effects of what’s coming as the changes get more severe; we wont be able to rely on governments when resources become scarce.

  • Creative Interventions

    This toolkit promotes an approach called community-based interventions to violence or what some call community accountability or transformative justice as a way to break isolation and to create solutions to violence from those who are most affected by violence – survivors and victims of violence, friends, family and community. It asks us to look to those around us to gather together to create grounded, thoughtful community responses.

  • Earth First!

    As the staggering forces of greed push consumerism and the wholesale
    destruction of the Earth to unheard of levels, people across the planet
    are fighting back. Time is indeed running out, and what else can be done
    but build the bonds of friendship, fly a flag of resistance, and fling the
    nearest wrench into the grinding gears of capitalism?

  • Enganados en el Invernadero

    En los doce años que transcurrieron desde de la segunda edición de Engañados en el invernadero en formato de revista independiente de edición popular, las prácticas y las políticas para abordar el cambio climático se han expandido y han profundizado las soluciones falsas de maneras impactantes y alarmantes.

  • Sylvia Rivera Law Project

    In 2007, the members of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) formed a committee to investigate how to add new dimensions to SRLP’s membership structure. We aimed to intentionally create more points of entry for community members whose ongoing experiences of state violence, poverty, ableism, racism, and transphobia produced obstacles for them to consistently participate in community organizations.

  • Direct action means getting on with sorting something out yourself,
    rather than asking someone else to fix it for you. There's no better way to
    take back control of your own life or to make change in the wider world.

  • War Resisters' International

    War Resisters’ International (WRI) produced this Handbook, drawing on
    the experiences of groups in many countries and different generations
    of activists.

  • Hoodwinked in ithe Hothouse

    Authored by grassroots, veteran organizers, movement strategists and thought leaders from across our climate and environmental justice movements,​ the third edition of Hoodwinked in the Hothouse is an easy-to-read, concise-yet-comprehensive compendium of the false corporate promises that continue to hoodwink elected officials and the public, leading us down risky pathways poised to waste billions of public dollars on a host of corporate snake-oil schemes and market-based mechanisms.

  • UBA Sociales

    Cada día, en los barrios de nuestro país, miles de organizaciones sociales trabajan incansablemente para mejorar la calidad de vida en sus comunidades, para compartir un plato de comida o una copa de leche, para generar nuevas oportunidades para los pibes y pibas, para ocupar los lugares que el Estado deja vacante o exigirle su actuación en la resolución de los problemas sociales.

  • The Center for Victims of Torture

    The “Spectrum of Allies” tool is used for understanding Sun Tzu’s directives regarding “Know the Terrain” and “Know your Opponent.” The “Spectrum of Allies” provides a critical opportunity to define the stakeholders in an issue, and, used alongside the “Tactical Map,” better guides organizations in the effective selection of targets and tactics.

  • MST - Movimiento de los Trabajadores Rurales Sin Tierra - Brasil

    La fuerza de cualquier organización está en la construcción colectiva, la cual se relaciona con múltiples factores, a partir de una realidad determinada, concreta.

  • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

    Mutual Aid Disaster Relief was founded to amplify and support community’s abilities to meet their own needs during and after disasters
    through a d.i.y. ethic rooted in solidarity. To get a pulse on community
    aspirations and challenges, to build deeper relationships with the
    ever-growing network, and to share insights and lessons learned from past iterations of grassroots d.i.y. humanitarian aid projects, we engaged in a 30 city training tour in Spring 2018.

  • Silvia Rivera Law Project & National Center for Transgender Equality

    Direct actions, protests, and acts of civil disobedience are powerful tools for change. Participating in these actions may also put you at risk of arrest and/or mistreatment by police and in jail. When participating in direct actions, transgender people should understand their rights and take necessary precautions before accepting the risk of arrest.

  • Project South

    The PMA methodology is not the property of any single organization, person, or group. Social Movements throughout history and around the world have used assemblies to make decisions. Movements, particularly in the Global South - Africa, Asia, and Latin America - have used assemblies to advance the practice of people power, selfdetermination, and governance.

  • Centre for Applied Nonviolent Actions and Strategies

    By themselves, rulers cannot collect taxes, enforce repressive laws and regulations, keep trains running on time, prepare national budgets, direct traffic, manage ports, print money, repair roads, train the police and army, issue postage stamps or even milk a cow.

  • Seeds for Change

    There are times when you'll be preparing a one-off action, perhaps as your contribution to someone else's campaign, or as a stand alone event in itself.

  • The Change Agency

    Objectives: Help campaigners consider the social and political context within which they are developing strategy

  • Anita Tang

    Purpose of power mapping and analysis process - To assist the campaign team: - Consider all players of relevance to its campaign and identify key players to target during the campaign

  • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief and The Beehive Collective

    Art telling the story of colonization, disaster capitalism, and mutual aid as resistance.

  • School of Unity and Liberation

    SOUL workshops and training tools are designed to be accessible and participatory, adaptable for a range of movement education contexts. Classic SOUL curriculum manuals are available to order now and new volumes are in the works!

  • The Ruckus Society

    Put simply, scouting is the process of acquiring information needed for an action to be successful. It is the gathering of site-specific information that enables the action coordinator to evaluate a potential direct action.

  • War Resisters' International

    Goal or purpose: To understand who our allies and opponents are. To learn that tactics need to be planned in relation to
    how much they do or don’t attract key allies and move people
    towards being active allies.