NOTE: To add or update a listing, email Cindy at mutualaiddisasterrelief [at] gmail [dot] com.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep around the world, now going on two years, compounded by other disasters like unprecedented climate catastrophes and fascism, statist and capitalist structures predictably continue to fail us in many ways. Underlying that failure is the stress on individual responses: stockpile, isolate, and care for yourself.

While “social” aka “physical” distancing, mask wearing, and testing (not to mention vaccines) are necessary tools to help stop the spread of this virus, they will only be effective if they’re grounded in an ethics and practice of social solidarity and collective care. COVID-19 clearly demonstrates that only by deeply looking out for each other—acting as if everyone’s life has inherent worth and is at risk; as if the health of one is the health of all—will we actually be able to lessen the amount of sickness and death, not to mention the emotional weight on us all. Unless everyone cooperates, as we’ve sadly seen, the virus exponentially spreads.

Such cooperation has to be about building on—rather than fearing—the fact that we’re all interconnected and impacted by COVID-19 and other disasters; that we’re all in this together. Our cooperation is about making sure everyone can have a home and enough food, not feel alone or abandoned, receive health and other care, and the list goes on. It’s what geographer Peter Kropotkin long called “mutual aid” in his book by the same title—a phenomenon that he saw repeated time and time again in his studies of various species, ecosystems, and societies because it’s been around for millennia: mutual aid allowed them to not only survive but also thrive! Or as Kropotkin put it, “Practicing mutual aid is the surest means for giving each other and to all the greatest safety, the best guarantee of existence.” 

Mutual aid entails what’s often called “solidarity not charity.” It isn’t a handout from some top-down entity, nor someone’s paid employment. It embodies a spirit of empathy, generosity, and dignity. When we engage in mutual aid, we are gifting each other the beginnings of a new world, premised on reciprocal, voluntaristic, and egalitarian social relations. We are collectively self-determining, self-organizing, and starting to self-govern how to supply each other with what we need as well as desire, all the while cultivating beloved communities of care.

Thanks to your local radical healers, queers, feminists, anarchists, and like-minded others—who know that only we can love and protect each other—social solidarity and mutual aid pandemic care is blossoming in communities large and small around Turtle Island and beyond!

In hopes of helping folks find and join in a mutual aid effort where they live, offering inspiration to start your own, and/or simply lifting your spirits, below is a growing directory of mutual aid pandemic disaster care (with the acknowledgment that place-names are a colonial imposition). First, you’ll find the “Do-It-Ourselves Resources” section, with the subsections “General,” “Health and Wellness,” “Rent and Other Strikes,” and “Solidarity/Cooperative Economy.” Then you’ll see the “Mutual Aid” section, arranged by geographic location.

Note: Each project is autonomous and self-organized—meaning that they are only as good as we are good to each other, and that you can start your own with a few friends, neighbors, or other accomplices. Also, they all use public links, so be wary of putting info on these sites/documents that you don’t want to be public.

The text above was written by Cindy Milstein, who compiles and updates this directory daily, with love and solidarity. If you’d like your project or resource added to this listing, email Cindy at mutualaiddisasterrelief [at] gmail [dot] com.

Mutual Aid Pandemic Relief



Asian American Feminist Antibodies {Care in the Time of Coronavirus} (zine)

Catalogue for Local Mutual Aid Communities Worldwide

Community Fridges: Legal Questions and Answers

Community Response to Covid-19: An Online Summit

Coronavirus Resource Kit

Coronavirus Tech Handbook

Five Demands Posters

Form Letter: A Neighborly Invitation Regarding Coronavirus

Free COVID-19 Language Access Response: Request Translation and/or Interpretation

How to Start an Indigenous Mutual Aid COVID-19 Relief Project (zine)

Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Skill-Share–Covid-19/Coronavirus Resources

Keeping Each Other Safe When Virtually Organizing Mutual Aid

Know Your Rights during COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Laundry Love Map

Let’s Talk Mutual Aid (zine)

Listings of #covid19mutualaid Initiatives (Crowd-sourced) 

Mutual Aid and Organizing: COVID-19 Infection Control for the People

Mutual Aid and Survival

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief: In the News

Mutual Aid Hub

Mutual Aid on Lockdown (podcast series based on this directory!)

Mutual Aid Toolkit by Big Door Brigade

Mutual Fire Brigade (zine)

Open Collective (crowdfunding platform)

Practical Advice on COVID-19

Practical Resources for COVID-19 Challenges

Resource Librarian: Information on Demand during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Self-Organization in Times of Pandemic: How the Masses Are Reconstructing Society

Unmasking the Yellow Peril

Useful Mutual Aid Projects in Response to COVID-19: Experiences from Chinese Volunteers in Response to Coronavirus Crisis in Wuhan

What Is Mutual Aid? (video)

You Have Skills: Evaluating What Skills You Can Bring to Radical Organizing

Health and Wellness

All We Have Is Each Other: A Guide to Creating Fabric Masks

Black Patients’ Guide to COVID-19

CODIY Emergency Handwashing Station

COVID Grief Network

COVID Med Supply

DIY Emergency Tyvek Shelter (Zine Instructions)

Frontline Medics: COVID-19 Info Drop

Great Radical, Boil Roots: A Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Wellness in the Time of COVID-19

Half-Assed Disabled Prepper Tips for Preparing for a Coronavirus Quarantine

Herbalista Free Clinic: COVID-19 Community Care Guide

Herbal Unity Coronavirus Handout

Immune and Respiratory Herbs: A Resource For Tribal Communities during COVID-19

Mad Maps for the Pandemic

Mutual Aid and Restorative Justice

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief: Navigating Trauma

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Medic Group–COVID Info: When Every Community Is Ground Zero: Pulling Each Other Through a Pandemic

Mutual Aid Mourning and Healing Support Signup for Death Midwives/Doulas, Social Workers, Therapists, and Healers

#NoBodyIsDisposable Know Your Rights Guide to Surviving COVID-19 Triage Protocols

People’s Protective Equipment

Safety Practices for Mutual Aid Food and Supply Distribution during the Coronavirus Pandemic (zine, English and Spanish versions)

Toolkit and Resources for Activists, Families, and Friends of Long-Term Care Facilities

Transformative Mutual Aid Practices (T-Maps)

Urgent Appeal for COVID-19 Herbal Solidarity with Refugees

What Does a COVID-19 Doula Do? (zine)

Prisoner Support / Prison Strikes

Abolitionist Vigil: “Where Does It Hurt?”

Beyond Prisons: Prisoner Support Guide for the Coronavirus Crisis

Beyond Prisons: Short Guide for How to Support Prisoners during the Coronavirus Crisis

COVID-19 List of Prisoner Actions

Love and Protect: Masks to Prisons—All

No Prisons

Prison Holistic Self-Care and Protection (COVID 19) (English and Spanish versions)

Rent and Anticapitalist Strikes

Bay Area Rent Strike

Cancel Rent

Colorado Rent Strike and Eviction Defense

COVID-19 Strike Document

Drop Rent Santa Cruz

Grève des loyers: Cancel All Mortgages, Cancel All Rent (English and French versions)

Keep Your Rent, April 1

Organizing Toolkit—Rent Strike 2020

Rent Strike 2020: Cancel Rent or We Strike

Rent Strike 2020 Facebook Groups

We Are the Shutdown

Solidarity/Cooperative Economy

Common Good: Tools for a Common Good Economy

Mutual Aid Network

MUTUAL AID (North America):

General, United States


COVID-19 Reservation Mutual Aid

Greater Ozarks Mutual Aid Collective

Indigenous Mutual Aid: Solidarity and Ceremony Not Charity

Intercollege Mutual Aid Network (Contacts)

Mutual Aid U.S.A.

Navajo Hopi COVID-19 Response

Protect Native Elders

Radical Muslim Mutual Aid

Rural New England COVID-19 Mutual Aid


Alabama / Birmingham: Birmingham Mutual Aid

Alabama / Montgomery: Montgomery Mutual Aid

Alabama / Tuscaloosa: Tuscaloosa Mutual Aid


Alaska / Juneau: Juneau Mutual Aid: Give Help


Arizona: Cocopah Quechan Mutual Aid

Arizona: RFJ Mutual Aid Project: Help Support Incarcerated People during COVID-19

Arizona / Dennehosto: Dennehosto Families COVID-19 Relief Project

Arizona / Flagstaff: Kinłání (Flagstaff) Mutual Aid

Arizona / Navajo Nation: K’É Infoshop

Arizona / Phoenix: Desert Indigenous Collective

Arizona / Phoenix: Phoenix Community Mutual Aid Volunteer/Volunteer Sign-up

Arizona / Phoenix: Phoenix Mutual Aid

Arizona / Sanders: Diné Land and Water

Arizona / Tucson: COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Undocumented Members

Arizona / Tucson: No More Deaths Emergency COVID-19 Bond Fund

Arizona / Tucson: Tucson COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Sign-up

Arizona / Tucson: Tucson Food Share—Se-from-Tucson-Food-Share-on-Doing-Food-Based-Mutual-Aid-During-a-Pandemic-edb4i1


Arkansas / Nothwest Arkansas: Mutual Aid Northwest Arkansas


California / Bay Area: Covid-19 Financial Solidarity

California / Bay Area: Bay Area Senior/Disability/Worker Mutual Aid Form

California / Bay Area: San Mateo Neighbors Helping Neighbors

California / Bay Area: SF Bay Area/Nationwide COVID-19 Mutual Aid Resources List

California / Berkeley: Berkeley Mutual Aid Network

California / Central Valley: Central Valley Mutual Aid and Collective Care Network

California / Chico: Chico DSA Mutual Aid Unhoused Camp Support

California / East Bay: East Bay Disabled Folks COVID-19 Support Request Form

California / East Bay: East Bay Disability Ally Form

California / Humboldt: Humboldt Mutual Aid—COVID19

California / La Puente: Bridgetown DIY

California / Long Beach: Long Beach Mutual Spreadsheet

California / Los Angeles: COVID-19 Mutual Aid (Los Angeles) // Apoyo Mutuo para COVID-19 en Los Angeles

California / Los Angeles: COVID19 Mutual Aid Network—Los Angeles

California / Los Angeles: LA Helping Hands

California / Northern California: Klamath Siskiyou Mutual Aid Network

California / Oakland: Oakland at Risk

California / Orange County: Orange County COVID-19 Mutual Aid 2020

California / Orange County: 714 Mutual Aid

California / Pasadena: East Pasadena Neighbor to Neighbor

California / Sacramento: Sacramento COVID-19 Mutual Aid

California / Sacramento: Sacramento COVID-19 Mutual Aid 2020

California / San Diego: We All We Got SD

California / San Francisco: How Can I Help? SF Bay Area

California / San Francisco: SF Bay Mutual Aid Form

California / San Francisco: SF Community Support

California / Santa Clara County: Santa Clara County COVID-19 Financial Solidarity

California / Santa Clara County: Santa Clara County Helping Hands

California / Santa Cruz: COVID Santa Cruz County Aid and Volunteer Form

California / South Bay: South Bay Mutual Aid Intake

California / South Bay: South Bay Mutual Aid Volunteer Intake (English and Spanish versions)

California / Ventura County: COVID-19 Mutual Aid

California / West Marin County: SGV Pandemic Mutual Aid Group


Colorado / Four Corners region: Four Corners COVID19 Mutual Aid Network

Colorado: Front Range Financial Solidarity and Stimulus Redistribution Initiative

Colorado: Front Range Mutual Aid Network

Colorado / Aurora: Mutual Aid Infrastructure–Aurora, Colorado

Colorado / Boulder: Boulder Coronavirus Community Coping Crew

Colorado / Colorado Springs: COS Mutual Aid Network

Colorado / Denver: CV19 Quarantine Delivery Taskforce–Denver, CO Group

Colorado / Denver: Help Needed in Denver Metro COVID-19

Colorado / Durango and La Plata County: Durango and La Plata County Area Donation Opportunities\

Colorado / Grand Junction: Grand Junction Mutual Aid


Connecticut: Connecticut Mutual Aid Network

Connecticut / Hartford: Mutual Aid / Apoyo Mutuo: Hartford

Connecticut / Hartford, Bridgeport, Waterbury, and New Haven: Mutual Aid Network (English and Spanish versions)

Connecticut / New Haven: Información y apoyo mutuo durante el coronavirus: New Haven, Connecticut

Connecticut / New London: New London Mutual Aid Collective–Community Network

District of Columbia

District of Columbia / Washington: DC Mutual Aid Network

District of Columbia / Washington: Maryland/DC Suburbs Mutual Aid


Florida / Broward County: Elevate BC

Florida / Gainesville: Gainesville COVID-19 Mutual Aid

Florida / Tallahassee: Tallahassee Community Assistance Network

Florida / Tampa: Mutual Aid Greater Tampa–Resources and Information

Florida / Tampa: Taking Care of Each Other: Tampa COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Sign-up

Florida / Tampa: Tampa Mutual Aid Response–Coronavirus


Georgia / Athens: Athens Mutual Aid

Georgia / Atlanta: Atlanta COVID-19 Solidarity and Mutual Aid

Georgia / Atlanta: Food4Life: Atlanta Survival Program

Georgia / Atlanta: Soup for My Family ATL



Idaho: Idaho COVID-19 Mutual Aid Group


Illinois / Central Illinois: Central IL Mutual Aid MetaGuide

Illinois / Champaign-Urbana COVID-19 Mutual Aid

Illinois / Chicago: Chi-Nations Youth Council

Illinois / Chicago: COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Sign-up

Illinois / Chicago: Edgewater Mutual Aid

Illinois / Chicago: Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants: COVID-19 Immigrant Mutual Aid 

Illinois / Chicago: Lincoln Square Ravenswood Solidarity Network

Illinois / Chicago: Logan Square Mutual Aid

Illinois / Chicago: Mutual Aid COVID-19 Support Request

Illinois / Chicago: Rogers Park Free Store

Illinois / Chicago: 73.5 Neighborhood Resource Pool

Illinois / Coles County: Coles County | Illinois COVID-19 Community Support

Illinois / McLean County: McLean County IL COVID-19 Mutual Aid

Illinois / Rockford and Northern Illinois: 815 Mutual Aid Network

Illinois / Springfield: Springfield Families Helping Families


Indiana: Indiana Music Industry Relief Fund

Indiana / Bloomington: Bloomington Mutual Aid for COVID-19

Indiana / Bloomington: No Space for Hate COVID 19 Mutual Aid\

Indiana / Monroe County: Monroe County Area Mutual Aid for COVID-19

Indiana / Putnam County: Putnam County Mutual Aid COVID-19 Response

Indiana / Vigo County: Vigo County Mutual Aid: COVID-19 Response


Iowa / Des Moines: Des Moines Service Worker Virtual Tip Jar

Iowa / Des Moines: Request for Aid! Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Des Moines Mutual Aid for Folks Affected by COVID-19

Iowa / Des Moines: Join Des Moines Virtual Tip Jar

Iowa / Des Moines: Volunteer for Aid! Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Des Moines Mutual Aid for Folks Affected by COVID-19


Kansas / Kansas City: Strawberry Hill Coronavirus Mutual Aid

Kansas / Lawrence: Lawrence Mutual Aid Collective

Kansas / Madison: Madison Kansas Mutual Aid


Kentucky and Appalachia: Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition, COVID-19 Mutual Aid

Kentucky / Bowling Green: Rise and Shine

Kentucky / Lexington: Mutual Aid Lexington Kentucky

Kentucky / Louisville: Louisville COVID-19 Match

Kentucky / Louisville: Mutual Aid Louisville


Louisiana / Greater New Orleans: GNO COVID-19 Aid Request Form

Louisiana / New Orleans: NOLA COVID-19 Mutual Aid Group

Louisiana / New Orleans: COVID-19 Mutual Aid (New Orleans)

Louisiana / New Orleans: Mutual Aid—New Orleans

Louisiana / New Orleans: New Orleans Mutual Aid Society


Maine: Maine Coronavirus Community Assistance

Maine: Mainers Together

Maine: Mutual Aid Resources Gathered by ROSC

Maine / Rockland Area: Resources for Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic

Maine / Southern Maine: Southern Maine DSA COVID-19 Response


Maryland: Maryland/DC Suburbs Mutual Aid

Maryland / Alleghany County: Western MD Meal Response Program

Maryland / Baltimore: Alanah’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Artists and Freelancers

Maryland / Baltimore: COVID-19 Community Resources

Maryland / Baltimore: Bmore 4 COVID-19 Mutual Aid

Maryland / Baltimore: Mutual Aid and Emergency Relief Fund

Maryland / Baltimore: Mutual Aid Fund for Baltimore-Based Sex Workers

Maryland / Baltimore: Neighbors Helping Neighbors (Southeast Baltimore) / Vecinos Ayudando a Vecinos (Sureste de Baltimore)

Maryland / Silver Spring and Takoma Park: Silver Spring and Takoma Park Mutual Aid


Massachusetts: Mutual Aid Massachusetts

Massachusetts / Alston and Brighton: Alston/Brighton Mutual Aid

Massachusetts / Boston: COVID-19 Greater Boston (Mutual Aid and Resources)

Massachusetts / Boston: Mutual Aid East Boston / Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo East Boston

Massachusetts / Cambridge: Cambridge Neighborhood Aid Network

Massachusetts / Concord-Carlisle / Concord-Carlisle Mutual Aid Network

Massachusetts / Jamaica Plain and Roxbury: Welcome to Mutual Aid Jamaica Plain and Roxbury!

Massachusetts / Lowell: Lifting Lowellians: Assistance and Mutual AID (LLAMA)

Massachusetts / Lynn: Lynn MA Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

Massachusetts / Malden: Malden Neighbors Helping Malden Neighbors

Massachusetts / Medford, Somerville: Mutual Aid Medford and Somerville (MAMAS)

Massachusetts / Norfolk: Mutual Aid for MA Prisoners during COVID-19

Massachusetts / Waltham: Welcome to Mutual Aid Waltham (MAW)

Massachusetts / Western MA: Trans Asylum Seeker Support Network

Massachusetts / Western MA: WMA Community Mutual Aid

Massachusetts / Worcester: Mutual Aid Worcester


Michigan: COVID-19 Michigan Prisoner Support

Michigan: Michigan Arab Mutual Aid

Michigan / Ann Arbor: University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Michigan / Detroit: Detroit-Based COVID-19 Mutual Aid

Michigan / Detroit: Southwest Detroit COVID-19 Mutual Aid Form / Formulario de Ayuda Mutua

Michigan / Detroit: Southwest Detroit Mutual Aid Fund

Michigan / Grand Rapids Area: COVID-19 Mutual Aid Form

Michigan / Grand Rapids Area: Grand Rapids Area Mutual Aid Network–Anti-Lockdown-Protests–and-Doing-Mutual-Aid-During-A-Pandemic-edlodu/a-a246eet

Michigan / Grand Rapids Area: Mutual Aid Spreadsheet

Michigan / Ingham County: Ingham County Mutual Aid Resources

Michigan / Kalamazoo: Kzoo Covid-19 Mutual Aid List

Michigan / Lansing: Lansing MI Mutual Aid Offerings for COVID-19

Michigan / Lansing: Lansing Mutual Aid

Michigan / Northwest Michigan: Mutual Aid of North West Michigan

Michigan / Northwest and West Michigan: Support for Native Elders

Michigan / Washtenaw County: Huron Valley COVID-19 Mutual Aid Form / Formulario de ayuda mutua

Michigan / Washtenaw County: Washtenaw County Mutual Aid Resources

Michigan / Washtenaw County: WICIR—Supporting Undocumented Families

Michigan / Ypsilanti: Mutual Aid Network of Ypsilanti


Minnesota / Minneapolis–Saint Paul: MSP COVID Mutual Aid List

Minnesota / Minneapolis–Saint Paul: Twin Cities Queer and Trans Mutual Aid

Minnesota / Northeast Minneapolis: Northeast Minneapolis Mutual Aid–COVID-19 (Ayuda mutua contra Corona Virus)

Minnesota / Saint Paul: West St. Paul/West Side Mutual Aid–COVID-19

Minnesota / Southeast Minneapolis: Southeast Minneapolis Mutual Aid–COVID-19


Mississippi / Oxford: UMiss and LOU Community Mutual Aid


Missouri / Columbia: CoMo Mutual Aid

Missouri / Kansas City: Kansas City Mutual Aid

Missouri / Kansas City: KCMO Mutual Aid Collective

Missouri / St. Louis: St. Louis COVID-19 Mutual Aid

Missouri / St. Louis: STL Quarantine Support–Intake Form

Missouri / St. Louis: STL Quarantine Support–Volunteer Form


Montana: Northern Cheyenne Fight COVID-19

Montana / Bozeman: Bozeman Solidarity and COVID-19

Montana / Missoula: Missoula COVID-19 Mutual Aid Community


Nebraska / Gifford Park and Joslyn Castle: Gifford Park and Joslyn Castle Neighborhood COVID-19 Mutual Aid

Nebraska / Lincoln: COVID Mutual Aid Lincoln/Omaha

Nebraska / Lincoln: The Dandelion Network: Solidarity Not Charity

Nebraska / Lincoln: Feedback the People–Lincoln

Nebraska / Omaha: For the People–Omaha


Nevada / Las Vegas: Las Vegas DSA COVID-19 Mutual Aid Form (English and Spanish versions)

New Hampshire

New Hampshire / Manchester: Manchester NH Mutual Aid Spreadsheet

New Hampshire / Seacoast: Seacoast NH Mutual Aid Spreadsheet

New Hampshire: Upper Valley–Area COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer/Needs Sign-up

New Jersey

New Jersey: COVID-19 Information and Resources

New Jersey: Mutual New Jersey

New Jersey: NJ Mutual Aid Hub List

New Jersey: NJ/PA Helping Hands

New Jersey / Atlantic County: Atlantic County COVID-19 Request Support Form

New Jersey / Atlantic County: Emergency Volunteers–Atlantic County

New Jersey / Camden County: South Jersey Mutual Aid Network

New Jersey / Central Jersey: Central Jersey Mutual Aid Resources

New Jersey / Irvington: Mutual Irvington

New Jersey / Middlesex: Middlesex Mutual Aid

New Jersey / Morris County: Mutual Morris

New Jersey / North New Jersey: North NJ COVID-19 Mutual Aid Forms

New Jersey / Orange County: Just Believe

New Jersey / Ocean County: Ocean County COVID19 Volunteers

New Jersey / Passaic County: Mutual Passaic County

New Jersey / Passaic County: Passaic County Grocery Fund

New Jersey / Union County: Union County Mutual Aid

New Mexico

New Mexico: ABQ Mutual Aid

New Mexico: Pueblo Relief Fund

New Mexico / Albuquerque: Help Needed in Albuquerque COVID-19

New Mexico / Albuquerque: Kalpōlli Tōkatl

New Mexico / Albuquerque: What Do You Need?

New Mexico / Gallup: Diné Land and Water

New Mexico / McKinley County: McKinley Mutual Aid

New Mexico / Northern New Mexico: Camp Red Sleeves Mutual Aid 


New Mexico / Santa Fe: Community Resources during COVID-19

New Mexico / Santa Fe: Santa Fe COVID-19 Mutual Aid Form

New Mexico / Zuni: Zuni Pueblo COVID-19 Relief


New York

New York / Albany: Mutual Aid South End Albany–Social Distance in Solidarity

New York / Beacon: Beacon Mutual Aid

New York / Buffalo: Black Love Resists in the Rust: Jail Support Volunteer

New York / Buffalo: Buffalo Mutual Aid Network

New York / Buffalo: Clean Air, Mutual Aid

New York / Buffalo: Justice for Migrant Families—Get Involved

New York / Erie County: Fight COVID-19 in Erie County by Providing Critical Aid to Incarcerated People

New York / Ithaca: Cornell University COVID Shutdown Housing Resources

New York / Ithaca: Mutual Aid Tompkins: Neighbors Supporting Neighbors

New York / Long Island: Long Island Mutual Aid for COVID-19

New York / New York: Corona Couriers

[email protected]

New York / New York: Astoria Mutual Aid Network

New York / New York: Birmingham Mutual Aid

New York / New York: #Brooklyn Shows Love Mutual Aid Project

New York / New York: Bushwick Coronavirus–Mutual Aid

New York / New York: COVID Bail Out NYC

New York / New York: Flatbush United Mutual Aid

New York / New York: Indigenous Kinship Collective

New York / New York: Kensington – Windsor Terrace Mutual Aid

New York / New York: Mutual Aid for People Impacted by Incarceration

New York / New York: Mutual Aid NYC

New York / New York: NYC Black Folk Mutual Aid Fund

New York / New York: NYC Mutual Aid for COVID-19

New York / New York: NYC Shut It Down: Food Delivery Program

New York / New York: NYC United against Coronavirus: Resources and Information

New York / New York: Service Workers Coalition

[email protected]

New York / New York: South Brooklyn Community Mutual Aid

New York / New York: Williamsburg Mutual Aid

New York / Rochester: COVID-19 Rochester New York Food Relief

New York / Staten Island: Staten Island United against COVID-19: Resources and Mutual Aid

New York / Suffolk County: Suffolk County Democratic Socialists of America COVID-19 Mutual Aid Form

New York / Syracuse: Welcome to Westside Mutual Aid

New York / Syracuse: Westcott Mutual aid

New York / Thomkins County: Thomkins COVID-19 Mutual Aid Response

North Carolina

North Carolina / Asheville: Asheville Mutual Aid Connection

North Carolina / Asheville: Asheville Solidarity Network

North Carolina / Asheville: Asheville Survival Program

North Carolina / Boone: Boone Community Relief


North Carolina / Boone: WNC Renters’ Help

North Carolina / Carrboro: Triangle Mutual Aid

North Carolina / Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, and surrounding areas: Food Not Bombs 919–0Ge1Kw/viewform

North Carolina / CHP/Carrboro: COVID-19 Support

North Carolina / Durham: COVID-19 / Coronavirus Mutual Aid in Durham, NC

North Carolina / Surry County: Surry County Mutual Aid Network

North Carolina / Western North Carolina: Co-operate WNC


Ohio: COVID-19: Emerging Resources and Mutual Aid Guide

Ohio / Cincinnati: Cincy/SW Mutual Aid

Ohio / Cincinnati/SW: Cincinnati/SW Ohio Mutual Aid

Ohio / Cleveland: Cleveland Pandemic Response Community Forum

Ohio / Cleveland: Pandemic Response—COVID-19 Community Hub

Ohio / Dayton: Mutual Aid Dayton/MV

Ohio / Toledo: Mutual Aid Toledo


Oklahoma: I Have a Resource to Share

Oklahoma: I Need Help

Oklahoma: Oklahoma Mutual Aid

Oklahoma / Norman: Norman Community Relief

Oklahoma / Tulsa: Tulsa Mutual Aid


Oregon / Bend: Pandemic Partners–Bend

Oregon / Benton County: Benton County Family Response Team

Oregon, Corvallis: Community Availability Form

Oregon / Corvallis: Community Needs

Oregon / Corvallis: Corvallis/OSU COVID-19 “Request Support” Form

Oregon / Corvallis: Corvallis/OSU COVID-19 “Volunteer Offer” Form–oYvP2bLSWDC1VYjxt0pHXTclk6CeRnoRupsRGwz5eMWSA/viewform

Oregon / Portland: PDX S*x Worker COVID-19 Relief Fund

Oregon / Portland: Portland-Area COVID-19 “Offer Support” Volunteer Form

Oregon / Portland: Covid-19 Portland-Area Community Support

Oregon / Southern Oregon: Klamath Siskiyou Mutual Aid Network

Oregon / Western Oregon: Coast to Cascades COVID-19 Mutual Aid


Pennsylvania / Bucks County: Bucks County Mutual Aid

Pennsylvania / Central Pennsylvania: Central PA Mutual Aid–Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Pennsylvania / Centre County: Centre County COVID-19 Community Response

Pennsylvania / Philadelphia: Healing and Trauma Informed Working Group, Philly

Pennsylvania / Philadelphia: Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Request for Aid: Philly Mutual Aid for Folks Affected by COVID-19

Pennsylvania / Philadelphia: NJ/PA Helping Hands

Pennsylvania / Philadelphia: Philly Performance Artist Fund

Pennsylvania / Philadelphia: Poor People’s Army Response to CoronaVirus Mutual Aid Page

Pennsylvania / Pittsburgh: Bukit Bail Fund: Aftercare Jail Support at ACJ during COVID-19

Pennsylvania / Pittsburgh: COVID Mutual Aid: Friendship/Bloomfield

Pennsylvania / Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Mutual Aid

Pennsylvania / Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Mutual Aid: Resource Library

Pennsylvania / State College: COVID-19 at PSU: Offer of Resources/Help

Pennsylvania / State College: COVID-19 at PSU: Request for Resources/Help

Rhode Island

Rhode Island / Providence: COVID-19 PVD Area Mutual Aid and Community Assistance

Rhode Island / Providence: Providence Community Mutual Aid *INTAKE*

Rhode Island / Providence: Providence Community Mutual Aid (Response)

Rhode Island / South County: COVID-19 South County Mutual Aid and Support

South Carolina

South Carolina / Columbia: Mutual Aid Midlands


Tennessee / Knoxville: First Aid Collective Knoxville

Tennessee / Memphis: Memphis Mid-South Mutual Aid for COVID-19

Tennessee / Memphis: Memphis Midsouth Tenants Mutual Aid

Tennessee / Nashville: Anarchist Black Cross/Antifascist Action Nashville

Tennessee / Nashville: Nashville Mutual Aid Resource Sharing Guide


Texas / Austin: ATX Free Food Sharing

Texas / Austin: ATX Mutual Aid for COVID-19

Texas / Austin: ATX Pay It Forward

Texas / Austin: Austin Mutual Aid

Texas / Austin: Care Web Austin

Texas / Austin: Emergency COVID-19 Relief for Sex Workers in Austin

Texas / Austin: Primrose Community Care

Texas / Corpus Christi: Corpus Christi Area COVID-19 “Request Support” Form

Texas / Corpus Christi: Corpus Christi Mutual Aid

Texas / Dallas: DFW Mutual Aid

Texas / Denton: Welcome to Aid Network Denton

Texas / East Texas: Molo Deep East TX Mutual Aid

Texas / El Paso: Alianza Migrante

Texas / El Paso: Pueblo Relief

Texas / Houston: Bayou Action Street Health (BASH)

Texas / Houston: Houseless Organizing Coalition

Texas / Houston: Houston Arab Community Mutual Aid Coalition

Texas / Houston: Houston Mutual Aid

Texas / Houston: West Street Recovery

Texas / North Texas: COVID-19 North Texas

Texas / North Texas: North Texas Rural Resilience

Texas / San Antonio: Puro Mutual Aid Network–Giving and Receiving Support in San Antonio

Texas / San Antonio: San Antonio Mutual Aid Fund

Texas / Texoma/Grayson: Texoma Workers United


Utah: COVID-19 Resource Page–Utah

Utah: Migrant Mutual Aid: A Fund for Undoc Folks Living in Utah

Utah: Utah Valley Mutual Aid

Utah / Bluff Area: Bluff Area Mutual Aid (Coronavirus Response)

Utah / Davis and Weber Counties: Davis/Weber COVID-19 Community Connections

Utah / Salt Lake City: SLC COVID-19 Community Connections (Childcare, Groceries, Humanitarian)

Utah / Salt Lake Valley: Salt Lake Valley COVID Mutual Aid


Vermont: Mutual Aid and Other Resources Related to COVID-19

Vermont: Vermont Street Medics: Coronavirus Hotline

Vermont / Bennington: Bennington College Mutual Aid

Vermont / Brattleboro: Brattleboro Area Mutual Aid (Neighborhood Help)

Vermont / Central Vermont: COVID-19 Mutual Aid—Central Vermont

Vermont / Hartford: Hartford Mutual Aid

Vermont / Montpelier: Montpelier-Area COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Sign-up

Vermont / Putney: Putney Area Mutual Aid (Neighborhood Help)

Vermont / Royalton: Royalton-Area COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Sign-up

Vermont / Upper Valley: Upper Valley–Area COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer/Needs Sign-up


Virginia / Hampton Roads: Corona Aid 757

Virginia / Norfolk: #CoronaAid757–Norfolk/757 Grocery Runs–Helping Vulnerable People—Jena-from-Corona-Aid-757-on-Corona-Response–Big-Picture-Perspective–and-doing-Mutual-Aid-During-A-Pandemic-edcjcb

Virginia / Northern Virginia: Northern VA COVID-19 Craziness Supply Network

Virginia / Richmond: RVA COVID-19 Mutual Aid and Community Care

Virginia / Shenandoah Mutual Aid

Virginia / Staughton, Augusta, and Waynesboro: Mutual Aid Infrastructure–Staunton, Augusta, and Waynesboro


Washington / Grays Harbor County: Chehalis River Mutual Aid Network

Washington / Olympia: Common Stash: Mutual Aid in So-called Olympia

Washington / Olympia: Olympia COVID-19 Offer Support

Washington / Olympia: Olympia COVID-19 Request Support Form

Washington / Seattle: South King County and Eastside COVID/Coronavirus Mutual Aid Group

Washington / Seattle: Seattle-Area COVID-19 “Offer Support” Volunteer Form

Washington / Seattle: Seattle-Area COVID-19 “Request Support” Form

Washington / Seattle: Seattle Artists Relief Fund amid COVID-19

Washington / Seattle: #covid19mutualaid links

Washington / Seattle: GLP SANI: Sex Worker Aid Network Initiative

Washington / Seattle: Seattle Helping Hands

Washington / Seattle: South King County and Eastside COVID/Coronavirus Mutual Aid for Survivors, Sick and Disabled, Immune Compromised, Elders, Undocumented, Queer, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color

Washington / Skagit County: Skagit County Mutual Aid Support

Washington / South Seattle and Eastside: COVID-19/Coronavirus South Seattle and Eastside Mutual Aid Group

Washington / South Seattle and Eastside: COVID-19/Coronavirus South Seattle and Eastside Mutual Aid “Offer Support” / Volunteer Form

Washington / South Seattle and Eastside: COVID-19/Coronavirus South Seattle and Eastside Mutual Aid “Request Support” Form

Washington / Spokane County: Mutual Aid Network Spokane County

Washington / Tacoma: Tacoma Mutual Aid Network

Washington / Vancouver: Vancouver (WA) Mutual Aid

Washington / Whitman County: Whitman County COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery


Wisconsin: Solidarity Fund for Wisconsin’s Undocumented Families

Wisconsin / Appleton: Appleton, WI Community Care and Mutual Aid Sign-up–ffAWJ6cQ/viewform

Wisconsin / Chequamegon Bay: Chequamegon Bay Community Care

Wisconsin / Dane County: Dane County Community Defense

Wisconsin / Green Bay: Greater Green Bay Mutual Aid Network

Wisconsin / La Crosse: Coulee Region Mutual Aid

Wisconsin / La Crosse: Coulee Region Volunteer Corps

Wisconsin / La Crosse: La Crosse Virtual Tip Jar

Wisconsin / Madison: Coronvirus Quarantine Support with the Madison General Defense Committee

Wisconsin / Madison: COVID-19 Madison Mutual Aid

Wisconsin / Madison: Volunteer or Donate for Coronavirus Quarantine Support with the Madison General Defense Committee

Wisconsin / Milwaukee: Ayuda Mutua MKE–Coronavirus

Wisconsin / Milwaukee: Metcalfe Park Community Bridges

Wisconsin / Milwaukee: Milwaukee Care and Mutual Aid

Wisconsin / Milwaukee: MKE Mutual Aid | COVID-19


Wyoming: Little Wind and Mesiah: Regeneration on the Reservation

Wyoming / Cheyenne: Safe Neighbors

Wyoming / Laramie: COVID-19 Community Needs | Laramie

MUTUAL AID (Canada):

Alberta / Lethbridge: Lethbridge Support Circle

British Columbia / Nanaimo: COVID-19 Coming Together: Nanaimo / Snuneymuxw and Lantzville / Shaw-Naw-As

British Columbia / Salt Spring Island: COVID-19 Coming Together: Salt Spring / Hul’qumi’num and Senćoten Speaking Territory

British Columbia / Tri-Cities: COVID-19 Coming Together (Tri Cities, BC)

British Columbia / Vancouver: COVID-19 Coming Together (Vancouver)

British Columbia / Vancouver: Mutual Aid for Metro Vancouver–COVID-19–Social Distancing Solidarity (Coast Salish Land)

British Columbia / Vancouver: Vancouver Support Network

British Columbia / Victoria: COVID-19 Coming Together (Victoria/Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ Lands)

Nova Scotia / Halifax: Caremongering-HFX: Halifax Area Community Response to COVID-19

Ontario / Bancroft: We Are in This Together

Ontario / Barrie: Barrie COVID-19 Mutual Aid Group 

Ontario / Hamilton: Downtown–East Hamilton Mutual Aid

Ontario / Kingston: Caremongering-YGK/Kingston

Ontario / Kingston: Kingston COVID-19 Mutual Aid Sign-up

Ontario / Kingston: Kingston Online Community Support Forum

Ontario / Kingston: Mutual Aid Katarokwi

Ontario / Kingston: Queen’s Medical Students for Healthcare Providers (Staff Form)

Ontario / Ottawa: COVID-19 Community Care Ottawa

Ontario / Ottawa:

Ontario / Toronto: Care-mongering TO: TO Community Response to COVID

Quebec: Groupes d’entraide virtuels—Virtual Support Groups—COVID-19—Montréal and Québec

Quebec / Montreal: Montreal COVID-19: Mutual Aid Mobilisation d’entraide

MUTUAL AID (Europe):

Britain: COVID-19 Mutual Aid Groups

Britain: COVID-10 Mutual Aid UK

Britain / Newcastle upon Tyne: Newcastle upon Tyne Covid-19 Mutual Aid

France: COVID Entraide France

Germany / Berlin: Queer Relief Covid-19 Berlin–Help Form

Italy: Viral Solidarity

Mexico / Chiapas: Zapatista Coronavirus Response: Million Pesos Pledge

Mexico / Chiapas: Zapatista COVID-19 Solidarity Volunteer Sign-up

Mexico / Ciudad Juarez: Alianza Migrante

Mexico / Mexico City: CDMX Ayuda Mutualities / CDMX Mutual Aid

Spain: Listado de Redes de Apoyo y Cuidados frente a la emergencia del COVID19

Thailand: Innovation Fund to Fight against COVID-19

Thailand: Taejai for Elderly; Survive COVID-19 Together

Zagreb: Jedni za druge (Pirate Care)

MUTUAL AID (Wider World):

Australia COVID-19 Informal Mutual Aid Database

Catalogue for Local Mutual Aid Communities Worldwide

People’s Solidarity Brigades