“Mutual Aid can be the way we live every day”

This list is from a workshop in Houston in July.  Folks in the Gulf are preparing for hurricane season, and we want to inspire others with a workshop about Community Organizing as Disaster Preparedness – our Training Team will be visiting 20+ communities in the West on a Fall Tour.  See the schedule here – it will fill up very soon!

I will be meeting up with the Training Team to get them started, but then I am returning home to Southwestern Wisconsin to put Mutual Aid Disaster Relief into practice (see other post about flooding).

The rest of the Training Team will continue on without me, to locations in NM, AZ, CA, OR, WA, CO, NE, MO, IL.

This post is just to say, “Hey pay attention – I will share more updates as they get going!”  Please share in your communities.  If you want to help us make this tour a great success, we appreciate your help promoting our workshops, we really need support after this big disruption in our plans.

With so much gratitude,

– tyler..