We are still in the midst of hurricane and fire seasons, and already 2020 has been a historic year for the number, magnitude, and impact of disasters.我们仍处于飓风和火灾季节,到XNUMX年,灾难的数量,规模和影响已成为具有历史意义的一年。 Fires burn across the West Coast.大火席卷了西海岸。 Hurricanes have pounded into the Gulf Coast.飓风袭击了墨西哥湾沿岸。 The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause widespread loss, death, and economic turmoil unabated.冠状病毒大流行继续造成广泛的损失,死亡和经济动荡不减。 Politically, the stalemate on any government relief is a disaster in itself, which still pales in comparison to the further erosion of democratic norms that inches us closer to authoritarianism.从政治上讲,任何政府救济的僵局本身就是一场灾难,与民主规范的进一步侵蚀相比,这种灾难仍然苍白无力,民主规范使我们更加接近专制主义。 White supremacists in the streets and the halls of power criminalize and murder black bodies and protesters with impunity.街头和权力殿堂中的白人至上主义者将有罪的黑人尸体和抗议者定为犯罪,并将其谋杀,而不受惩罚。 There isn't a moment to grieve the latest collective trauma before another is put before us.在我们面临另一场集体创伤之前,没有时间让自己感到悲伤。 The overlapping of multiple disasters has quickly become the norm.多种灾难的重叠已迅速成为常态。 And we know more impactful and deadlier crises and disasters are still to come.我们知道,还有更多具有影响力和致命性的危机和灾难仍将到来。

We've glimpsed the future.我们瞥见了未来。 Constant disaster, yes.持续的灾难,是的。 But also an overflowing abundance of mutual aid projects and networks carrying us through and reimagining everything in a bid to not only save life as we know it on this planet, but to also usher in an era of climate justice, racial justice, economic justice, gender justice, environmental peace and justice, and indigenous sovereignty.而且还有大量的互助项目和网络将我们带走并重新构想一切,以不仅拯救我们在这个星球上所知道的生命,而且还迎来一个气候正义,种族正义,经济正义,性别正义,环境和平与正义以及土著主权。 It is quickly becoming clear to more and more people that these are the prerequisites for our collective survival.越来越多的人很快意识到,这些是我们集体生存的先决条件。 

这件美丽的艺术品是由 莫莉·科斯特洛(Molly Costello)

Amidst all this disaster, the defiance of hope is contagious and the news of different mutual aid efforts throughout the country is endless: porch wifi programs, community fridges, tool lending libraries, diy handwashing stations, mask distributions, pullover prevention events, pantry food delivery programs, herbal medicine care packages, eviction defense crews, bail funds.在所有灾难中,对希望的抵制极具感染力,全国各地互助互助的消息无休无止:门廊wifi计划,社区冰箱,工具借阅图书馆,自助洗手站,口罩分发,套头衫预防活动,食品储藏室计划,草药护理套餐,驱逐辩护人员,保释金。 A wide web of ideas and experiences is growing;越来越多的思想和经验在增长; efforts are mimicked and refined, advice is passed through tended relationships.模仿和完善努力,通过亲密关系传递建议。 Each of our efforts shine light on our ability to receive and provide care effectively, horizontally, and collectively.我们的每项努力都彰显了我们有效,水平和集体地接受和提供护理的能力。

无论是 DSA SW路易斯安那州 or 中部墨西哥湾沿岸人民委员会 在南方飓风过后提供互助, 爱荷华城互助 以及 倡导社会正义 像这样的团体在互助下对中西部的地震做出回应 共生PDX, 威拉米特行动集体, 面具索诺玛,还有无数其他人 互助消防 在西部,或者说成千上万 冠状病毒互助项目 到处都有无数方向开花–互助运动正在满足这一时刻。 

The movement for mutual aid during disasters isn't something Mutual Aid Disaster Relief invented.灾难期间的互助运动并不是发明互助灾难救济的东西。 But we are working to act as a swiss-army knife for this growing movement of movements as it becomes more and more critical for our collective survival.但是,随着这种运动对我们的集体生存越来越重要,我们正在为这种不断发展的运动充当瑞士军刀。 We do this by supporting, uplifting, and working in partnership with mutual aid projects such as these, and also directly with disaster survivors who guide us on what, where, and how to best respond to their self-determined needs.为此,我们与此类互助项目一起支持,提升并与之合作,还直接与灾难幸存者合作,这些灾难幸存者为我们确定了什么,在何处以及如何以最佳方式响应其自身需求。 Listening leads us to be different in different contexts.聆听会使我们在不同的环境中有所不同。 And we are我们是 当我们走在一起时,学到了很多东西.

People everywhere are deepening their roots in mutual aid.世界各地的人们都在加深互助的根基。 We specifically want to boost a couple online events: West Street Recovery will be celebrating three years of recovery and resilience building work after Hurricane Harvey by holding three panels about their work Oct. 16-17.我们特别希望增加一些在线活动:在哈维飓风过后,西街恢复将在XNUMX月XNUMX日至XNUMX日举行三场有关其工作的座谈会,以庆祝恢复和复原力建设三年。 More details更多细节 点击此处。 Symbiosis正在就称为“自下而上的民主”的双重权力进行一系列网络研讨会:从危机到通过双重权力进行的系统变更,均提供录音 点击此处.

Internationally, too, mutual aid-based autonomous disaster relief efforts are growing even as governments repress their efforts.在国际上,即使各国政府压制他们的努力,基于互助的自主救灾工作也在增长。 In rural northern Oaxaca, abandoned by the government after intense flooding, the在瓦哈卡州北部的农村地区,在严重洪灾后被政府抛弃, 社区聚在一起 to meet their basic survival needs and building community kitchens.满足他们的基本生存需求并建造社区厨房。 In the Philippines, the new anti-terrorism bill that supports the imprisionment of activists under an ambiguous definition of “terrorism” that can even include non-state sanctioned humanitarian aid efforts, is在菲律宾,一项新的反恐怖主义法案是根据“恐怖主义”的模糊定义支持对激进分子的监禁,其中甚至包括非国家认可的人道主义援助工作。 被挑战 由致力于他们的互助项目的无政府主义者广泛网络组成,并由同志记录在案。 海盗工作室。 In Lebanon, networks of grassroots response and relief efforts have bloomed after the recent explosion and throughout their revolution, as community members return to traditional practices of farming and meeting their communities' needs amidst the country's meat shortages, economic distress, and other crises.在黎巴嫩,在最近的爆炸和整个革命之后,基层的响应和救济网络蓬勃发展,因为该国成员在该国的肉类短缺,经济危机和其他危机中恢复了传统的耕作方式并满足了社区的需求。 In在 意大利瑞典 similar autonomous disaster response efforts are growing.类似的自治灾难响应工作也在不断增加。 And many inspiring, first-hand accounts of recent coronavirus mutual aid efforts around the world are documented in the recent book written by最近,由...撰写的书中记录了许多鼓舞人心的第一手资料,这些资料反映了世界各地最近开展的冠状病毒互助工作 Colectiva Sembrar: 大流行团结.

What is ahead is daunting.未来是艰巨的。 It can be difficult to imagine how we'll find the strength and energy to meet the looming crises of the pandemic in the cold of winter, the election season around the corner, and the other disasters beyond that.难以想象,在寒冷的冬天,临近的选举季节以及其他灾难之后,我们将如何找到力量和能量来应对即将来临的大流行危机。 But we will find our way through whatever is ahead together, and if there's one thing we can count on in disaster, it's that we continually surprise ourselves with our ingenuity and tenacity.但是,我们将找到前进的道路,如果有一件事情我们可以在灾难中指望,那就是我们不断以自己的机智和坚韧感到惊讶。 

Continue finding new ways to take care of each other, continue taking care of yourselves, and continue growing the relationships around you.继续寻找新的方式来照顾彼此,继续照顾自己,并继续发展周围的人际关系。 Surrounded by storms, both literal and figurative, these actions are our compass, guiding us home.这些行动被字面和象征性的风暴包围,是我们的指南针,指引我们回家。