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Recent events have shown that the effects of climate change are not distant fears, but current realities. From historic flooding in Louisiana to Hurricanes Matthew, Harvey, Irma, and Maria we need each other more than we ever have before. Immediately after floods and other disasters, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief listens to affected community members and responds with supplies, work crews, and amplifying the grassroots community-led initiatives that blossom following disasters.


MADR On The Road!

Gainesville, FL – Part 1, Presentation

June 22 @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

Gainesville, FL: Part 2, Workshop

June 23 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

The Latest

(Solar) Power to the People

On May 23, 2018, 3 days after the 8-month anniversary of Hurricane Maria’s landfall in Puerto Rico, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief’s #PRRebuilds Sustainability and Ecological Resilience team arrived for the third time in Barrio Mariana, a small mountain community resting above Humacao, high in breadfruit (pana) and moonshine (cañita) country.  The purpose of this trip was to implement the first community owned and operated solar micro-grid in the area. This microgrid will provide reliable power to el Centro de Imaginación (the Imagination Center) which now houses a solar laundromat, provides spaces for community meetings and workshops, includes a library, a tool library, and offices for local student social workers currently developing and providing solutions for the community’s more elderly population. Rooms have been gutted and have been furnished with beds for volunteers, and there are plans developing for a hostel. There are also plans to allow for small business incubation and equipment sharing, such as a community run coffee shop idea that is brewing. Mutual Aid Disaster Relief partnered with BoxPower, Proyecto de Apoyo Mutuo and other Centros de Apoyo [...]

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Rolling through the gates of west end Aquadilla's Medium/Minimum security prison Institución Correccional de Guerrero, our view widens to capture barbed wire buildings, [...]

This is Caguas

 The rest is Puerto Rico. Centro de Apoyo Mutuo, Centers for Mutual Aid, exist as raised fists across the island landscape of post [...]


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MADR hits the road in 2018