This is just a small portion of the press stories, research articles, and videos about decentralized, liberatory, mutual aid disaster relief efforts since 2005:


New Orleans
Anarchists Providing Medical Aid in New Orleans
Fifty Dollars and a Dream
The Street Samaritans
Common Ground Volunteers Bridge Racial Divide
Hundreds Face Eviction in New Orleans
A Healthy Dose of Anarchy
For A Former Panther, Solidarity After the Storm
Common Ground Collective Continues to Bring Thousands of Volunteers From Around the World to Gulf Coast For Post-Katrina Relief Efforts
First School in Lower Ninth Ward Reopened

New York
Where Fema Fell Short Occupy Sandy Was There
Abandoned by the U.S. government, hurricane-ravaged Staten Island turns to the Occupy movement
Organizers Set Up Amazon ‘Wedding Registry’ for Sandy Victims
Occupy Sandy Offers Alternative Hurricane Recovery Effort
Is Occupy Sandy Outperforming the Red Cross in Disaster Relief?
Post-Storm, ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Becomes ‘Occupy Sandy’
Occupy Sandy Aids Storm Victims
Making A Difference
Occupy Sandy
Occupy Sandy Emerges As Relief Organization For 21st Century, Mastering Social Networks
Occupy Sandy: Social Change through Prefiguring Action
Occupy Sandy: Horizontal lessons in community-based disaster recovery

The WildLife: Boulder Flood Relief
Residents looking to help band together as Boulder Flood Relief
Activists Step Up For Flood Relief in Colorado

Anonymous launches #OpOK initiative for tornado victims
The People’s Response: How OpOK Relief is Rebuilding Oklahoma
After The Tornado, Anonymous And Occupy Coordinate Relief Efforts In Oklahoma


Democracy Now discusses decentralized relief efforts
What are “the Antifa” doing after Harvey?

Solidarity After the Storms
Antifa and leftists organize mutual aid and rescue networks in Houston

Leftists to the Rescue: Where the State and Big NGOs Fail, Mutual Aid Networks Step In


The Hotwire #4: Autonomous Hurricane Irma Relief

Black Flags and Windmills by Scott Crow
The Post Katrina Portraits by Francesco di Santis
The Fight For Home By Daniel Wolfe
War of the Pews by Fr. Jerome Ledoux
What Lies Beneath: Katrina, Race, and the State of the Nation by The South End Press Collective
The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein
Showdown in Desire by Orissa Arend
The Coming Insurrection

Welcome To New Orleans
Shake The Devil Off
Occupy Sandy: A People Powered Emergency Response
Occupy Sandy
Eye of the Storm: Scott Crow on Revolutionary Infrastructure
Why are anarchists some of the first responders during catastrophes?

Superstorm Research Lab
The Resilient Social Network
Paradoxes of Privilege and Participation
Looking for Common Ground
Beyond Disaster Exceptionalism
Of Armed Guards and Kente Cloth