Wellness/Community Care

A Call for Prefigurative Mental Health Support and Communal Care for Radical Orgs
Alternatives to EMS

An Activists Guide to Basic First Aid
Asian American Feminist Antibodies: Care in the Time of Coronavirus
Class Struggle and Mental Health
Get Radical, Boil Roots: A Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Wellness in the Time of COVID19
Home Remedies for Common Maladies
Immune and Respiratory Herbs: A Resource for Tribal Communities During COVID-19
Information on Heat and Related Illnesses
La Rebelion En Cuarentena: Una Guía Anarquista de Acción en Tiempos de Pandemia.
Madness and Oppression Guide
Peer Counseling and Active Listening
Responding to Critical Incident Stress
Riot Medicine
Strategies for Autonomous Emotional Support
Street Medic Guide
Street Medic Handbook
Street Medic Practice During the COVID19 Pandemic
Traveling Companions

Trauma and Burnout

Activist Trauma and Recovery
Coping With Climate Change Distress
Community Trauma Toolkit
Emotional First Aid Part 1
Emotional First Aid Part 2
Emotional First Aid Part 3
Grounding and Centering for Activists
Healing in Action: A Toolkit for Black Lives Matter Healing Justice & Direct Action
Mad Maps for the Pandemic
Mental Health Crisis First Responders
Mutual Aid, Trauma, and Resiliency
Preventing Burnout
Psychological First Aid
Rising Up Without Burning Out
RX Open
Street Therapy: Emotional Resistance in Action
Sustainable Activism and Avoiding Burnout
To Heal We Must Resist, To Resist We Must Heal: A Zine on Navigating Trauma from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief
Trauma and Therapeutic Art: Information for Children, Families and Volunteers
Trauma Overview
Understanding and Coping with Traumatic Stress
Understanding and Addressing Vicarious Trauma

Medic Trainings/Webinars

Boston Medic Protest Health and Safety Training with ASL Interpreter
CAT 911 Street Medic Webinar
Denver Action Medic Health and Safety Training
Do No Harm Coalition Street Medic Bridge Training for Medical Professionals

Kitchen and Food Handling

Food Safety First Manual
How to Make a Rocketstove
Practicas Seguras Para Apoyo Mutuo y Distribucion de Alimentos y Recursos Durante la Pandemia de Coronavirus
Safety Practices for Mutual Aid Food & Supply Distribution During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

DIY Emergency Handwashing Station
No More Deaths: Compost Toilet User Guide
Sanitizing Water (Spanish) – Saneamiento del agua (español)