So much of justice-rooted disaster response work takes place before the disaster occurs as the local strength of collectives, affinities, and networks provide the nutrients for a vibrant people-powered response at the time of a crisis. Part of our work as a network then is to continually deepen and grow our connections with diverse people across the country in advance of disasters. When disasters do hit, these relationships between our network and other networks local to the disaster help guide us in our ability to respond in a supportive way.  

We are a small but growing crew of volunteers who have limited personal and organizational capacity. In addition, we are committed to incorporating community care and healing justice into this work, instead of perpetuating disaster patriarchy. So we cannot promise to respond everywhere, everytime. When we do respond to a disaster, we do so where we are invited and when we have the capacity so that our work forms organically in relationship with the local response. We are continually growing our network, building and solidifying relationships, always imagining what we will be able to do tomorrow. And in the meantime, we do what we can, respond when we are able with integrity, respect, compassion, and care, in the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity. And we hope that you are inspired to do likewise.