November 1, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
Interference Archive
314 7th St
NY 11215
Interference Archive - interferencearchive.org

Building the Movement for Mutual Aid” is a 2-part workshop that makes the ideas and practice of Mutual Aid Disaster Relief accessible to everyone!

The first part is an entertaining introductory presentation, “Protectors v. Profiteers: Communities in Resistance to Disaster Capitalism,” utilizing graphics from the Beehive Collective to tell stories about historic and contemporary colonization and the frontline communities that are protecting their land and water.

The Mutual Aid Disaster Relief (MADRelief) Training Team, individuals with direct experience in grassroots humanitarian aid, will explain how natural storms turn into unnatural disasters through dangerous new forms of “disaster capitalism” and “extreme resource extraction” (Part 1) and train diverse affinity groups on principles of grassroots direct action humanitarian aid and crisis response, covering a wide range of topics such as  “Principles of ‘Solidarity, Not Charity,’” “Using Privilege to Break Down Barriers,” “Building Power in Collaboration,” and “Overcoming Trauma Together” (Part 2).

The time is right for developing and training a standing network of organizers and volunteers, continually growing in size and efficacy, which will be at-the-ready to respond to natural and unnatural disasters – from hurricanes to hate rallies, from mudslides to mine waste spills – and to help survivors, especially those in marginalized communities, to restore their homes, to build their power, to thrive through cooperation, and to vision a more sustainable future.

Please join us for one or both parts of this special event!