We and You and So Many Others
A Story of MAD RVA and Mutual Aid in Richmond, VA

Want to learn more about mutual aid during and after disasters? Check out these podcasts, interviews, films, and videos exploring solidarity and autonomous, liberatory responses to disasters.


  • Voices River City

    We’re joined this week by Brandon of Sacramento Community Fridges, a mutual aid project designed to help neighbors in need during the coronavirus era keep food on their tables. In just a few months, @sacfridge4all has done a lot of incredible work, with four fridge and pantry locations established throughout Sacramento, and two more opening soon.

  • Praxis U

    Mutual Aid is an integral part of community health, working together to ensure we all survive and prosper. In this video we introduce the importance of mutual aid, the benefits of volunteering in local action, how to start your own support network, and we cover some basic networking techniques to expand your social sphere.

  • Black Autonomy Podcast

    Dual power can be explained as the building of a transitional program for political, social, and economic transformation. It creates survival programs to oppose state power and creates a new type of autonomous public sector when the state fails the people. This is how to go beyond protest to building an anarchist societal infrastructure.

  • Reveal News

    Racial justice, police accountability, mutual aid, climate activism and warp-speed vaccines – we examine the ways our COVID-19 year changed American society.

  • Barnard Center for Research on Women

    This online teach-in is for mutual aid groups facing nuts and bolts issues that come with the work we’ve all been doing. How has your group been funneling money to people in need, and what are the tax consequences? How should we store money we raise? Do we need to consider incorporating, having a fiscal sponsor, or becoming a non-profit? What are the costs and benefits of each potential approach?

  • Silver Threads

    "Mutual aid is actually the work of building the world that we want to live in." Natacia is an organizer with a broad and varied base of experience that's taken her across the globe and across the spectrum of charity, solidarity, hope and despair. She joins Silver Threads to dig into the past, present and future, to analyze the lenses with which we view the world, and the work of building new worlds - block by block.

  • Coffee with Comrades

    This week marks the one year anniversary of the so-called U.S. being placed under lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. One year ago, I was in New York city visiting childhood friends and the comrades in Dumb & Awful. I was literally in the middle of making plans to chill with Amy and Liz from Rebel Steps when the coronavirus was officially declared a national emergency.

  • Saint Andrewism

    Mutual Aid is a radical concept that humans have practised across millennia, but these days, its exact purpose and potential remains vague in the minds of many. What is it? What is it not? What challenges will we face? How can we use it to build towards revolution?

  • KCAW

    When the Coronavirus pandemic reached Alaska in the spring of 2020, Sitka responded quickly. Within days, residents were pooling efforts to support each other. Chandler O’Connell, with the Sitka Conservation Society, joined KCAW’s Erin Fulton for the March 17 Morning Interview to discuss the work the Sitka Mutual Aid Network has done over the last year, how the organization has evolved, and what resources continue to be available in 2021.

  • Indigenous Action

    Indigenous Mutual Aid frontline organizers share their experiences and thoughts from a year of being on the ground in their communities responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our host Klee (Kinłani Mutual Aid) and guests Little Wind & Mesiah (Regeneration on the Reservation), Han (Red Sleeves Anti-Colonial Action), and Bearcat (ABQ Autonomous Mutual Aid) discuss what Indigenous Mutual Aid is (and isn’t), challenges, and organizing in the next year and beyond.

  • Silver Threads Podcast

    "Right now radicalism feels like a locked, very heavily loaded, hidden treasure chest."

    After 15 years of a fully nomadic lifeway, Korean diasporic experimentalist Jimmy Betts is stationary. And while the parked isolation of now being an exhausted working class queero in so-called Iowa is heavy, Jimmy remains a part of the radical roots, while being apart from them. They join the show to talk about home, growth, perspective, misunderstandings and more!

  • Shareable

    Back in February, Winter Storm Uri brought snow, ice, and below-freezing temperatures to much of North America. Over 170 Million people in the US received weather alerts, many of which lost their electricity, heat, and access to clean water for days and even weeks.

  • It's Going Down

    On this episode, first we speak someone from the Willamette Action Collective, a grassroots autonomous anti-capitalist group organizing in the Portland, Oregon area. We speak about the realities on the ground in the Pacific Northwest as a recent heat wave has left hundreds dead and mutual aid groups have begun to organize in the face of a terrifying new normal brought on by climate change.

  • It's Going Down

    On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with long-time anarchist musician, author, activist, and podcaster Margaret Killjoy, host of How to Live Like the World is Dying, which embraces the concept of preparedness, or “prepping,” from an anarchist perspective, while interviewing a whole host of guests about skills, infrastructure, and real world problem solving.

  • Live Like the World is Dying

    Hello, and welcome to Live Like the World is Dying, your podcast for what feels like the End Times. I’m your host, Margaret Killjoy, and on this episode I’ll be talking to Jimmy from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief. And we’re going to be talking about what is involved in setting up and maintaining a mutual aid network and also what disaster relief looks like.

  • Brooklyn Mutual Aid Group Attacked by NYPD While Serving the Community
    In Brooklyn, New York, the mutual aid collective The Gym is speaking out after they were attacked at their storefront space in Bushwick by the NYPD over the weekend. Fourteen people were arrested, ...
  • Radio Grito

    In our weekly radio program-Mutual support in action-Martin Cobian from CAMJI Lares talks with the compa Elver Guerrero of the Free Land Organization, Colombia, about the urgent agenda of food sovereignty, agroecology and peasant social justice as way to deal with the multiples of social, economic and environmental crises generated by agro-business during pandemic times.

  • Welcome to the Crumbles - It Could Happen Here | iHeartRadio
    Our world is falling apart. What comes next? Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com






  • What is Mutual Aid?
    In a world ruled by ceaseless capitalist competition, where people are pitted to work against each other, anarchists offer a different vision: Mutual Aid.If you...





  • Occupy Sandy aids storm victims
    For the past few months the Occupy Wall Street movement has been fairly quiet. But due to Superstorm Sandy, OWS has proven to be alive and well. The demonstr...
  • Occupy Sandy
    For information and to volunteer, visit http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy/ Occupy Sandy is a coordinated relief effort to help distribute resources & volunteers…
  • We Got This (Occupy Sandy)
    Volunteer: interoccupy.net/occupysandy Donate: http://www.gofundme.com/1h7sz0?pc=fb_cr Thousands in New York City remain without clean water, food, heat, or…
  • Occupy Sandy on NBC Nightly News
    The mainstream (corporate) media would love the world to think we've become another charity organization, but if it helps to bring in some needed support to our...


  • Talk Nation Radio

    We hear about the urgently needed grass roots medical and food aid efforts by some of same people who went into New Orleans in 2005 to help the most poor victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    Their first team into Port au Prince is already working to give out aid and provide medical support. A second group is waiting in the wings, and there are more groups preparing to go. They will help the Haitian people through ad hoc peopleâs aid efforts as they network and build solidarity from the USA to Haiti and back.


  • Democracy Now!

    We speak with author, historian and activist Rebecca Solnit about her latest book that examines Hurricane Katrina and other disasters. A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities that Arise in Disaster chronicles both the crimes of the vigilantes and the powerful during Katrina, as well as the numerous instances of altruism, generosity and courage displayed by the vast majority of people who lived through this catastrophe.



  • Shake The Devil Off

    It is six months after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans. People have lost their families, homes, and work. And now, at St. Augustine Church, the axe has just fallen: the archdiocese is about to close the parish and send Father LeDoux away. Why is this happening? Haven't the city's inhabitants already lost enough? Do they risk losing their faith as well?



  • NPR

    In a time of crisis, a medical clinic has sprung to life in a storm-damaged New Orleans neighborhood, with an unlikely crew giving aid. Anarchists with medical training, calling themselves the Common Ground Collective, have set up shop in the beleaguered neighborhood of Algiers, providing locals with badly needed medical assistance.